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light sale

everyone must go

1 Octavius Street, Deptford


(Re-wired) lamps and light fixtures from Deptford market, incandescent bulbs, craft beer, unused ground-floor shop-front of new-build development building, “market yard”

I make friends with the stall holders of a flea market. I borrow lamps belonging to the stall holders. I fix and rewire the lamps. I arrange to put on an art exhibition in the ground-floor shop-front of new-build development building where the market yard was once extended too. I make a Facebook event. I get my friend Störm to buy some craft beer. I put  incandescent light bulbs in the lamps. I use the lamps to light the empty space. I invite people to come and buy the lights. They drink the craft beer. I sell light throughout the night. People watch as the space gets darker as the lights are bought and taken away. Once all the lights are sold the space is dark . I return to the market and hand-over the money from the lamps sold.